Other Services

Home Minders

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our landlord services please complete the enquiry form or feel free to email the office via our contact us page, or telephone on 020 8447 1948.

Empty Property Service

  • Keeps your property in good order when it’s empty
  • Maintaining insurance cover by visiting regularly
  • Cleaning and garden maintenance
  • Protection in cold weather
  • Dealing with post

Refurbishment of flats and houses

  • Initial consultation and design
  • From minor decorating works to full refurbishment and structural works
  • Replacing carpets, wood floors, curtains and blinds
  • Refitting kitchens and bathrooms
  • Sourcing appliances at the most competitive rates


Tax Advice for Overseas Landlords

Landlords considered to be a non-resident for tax purposes have to pay United Kingdom
Income Tax on any rents received from Property in the UK under the Finance Act 1995.
Unless an “Exemption Certificate” is received from the Inland Revenue specifically permitting
Home Minders to pay rental monies to the landlord without the deduction of tax, Home Minders
is obliged by Law to deduct tax at the appropriate rate as directed by HM Treasury on all monies
received and account to the Inland Revenue for these monies on a quarterly basis.

Whilst landlords are responsible for obtaining their own “Exemption Certificate”, we can advise
you of how to go about it and supply you with the relevant forms to complete. It is important to
note that the certificates are non-transferable between agents.