A Day in the Life: Nadine Mendoza, Senior Property Manager

2 October 2020

“I love people, property and solving issues.

My role is to simplify the lives of our property owners and provide a high value service that is convenient and competitive.  The other side of the coin is to ensure that tenants are happy with their properties, that high standards are maintained and that any problems from boilers to break-ins are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Pre-Covid I would typically carry out 7-8 inspections a day.  Generally, I would allow about an hour for each appointment when I would take photos, make notes and speak to the tenant to find out about any ongoing issues.  Everything is then logged on my system so being well organised is key to providing an efficient service from beginning to end.

With the new restrictions and social distancing policies in place it makes it more difficult to carry out inspection visits in person, so we have started to conduct them online. Virtual inspections, using the latest video technology is allowing me to ‘walk round the property’ in a similar way and speak to tenants.  It’s the new normal and I think we must embrace change and innovation to ensure that we continue to exceed expectations and ensure that our properties and systems are compliant with the latest legislation and policies. We want to be your eyes.

A good example is developing easy moving in and moving out systems, which encompass all the procedures we would previously have carried out face to face, but which can be accessed and used online with the minimum of fuss. Helping a tenant to check themselves in on-line is where smart technology comes in.
The key to good property management has always been excellent customer service that is safe for all concerned, that takes away problems and provides solutions that suit both our tenants and our landlords. At Home Minders we have a reputation for being proactive and providing a property maintenance and management service that doesn’t gather dust, as we are always looking to get the best for you.  Our quarterly tenancy inspections make sure that our properties are well maintained, kept to a high standard and that issues don’t become serious problems and by that, I mean a dripping tap is much easier to fix than a full-on leak!

The other benefit of the service we offer is that we have a professional team in place with bags of experience. Personally, I have been working in property around the world for 30 years but as a company we have over 150 years of combined experience and expertise. We live and breathe property management and see ourselves as our clients’ property partners.
Another important point is that we have a tried and tested portfolio of trusted contractors, who work closely with us. From emergency call outs to more routine work, we aim to fix any pressing problem within 4-5 hours and sooner if we can. With over 150 properties in my portfolio that’s sometimes a challenge!

I know from my years in the business that having a good rapport with both landlords and tenants is vital. It’s about investing the time it takes to build up a good relationship and listening to what people want rather than what you want to provide.  It’s not about dictating, it’s about careful and considerate negotiation, which in some cases means bringing the two sides together. It’s not rocket science. It’s about making yourself available and being happy to help people when it suits them.

I’m excited about the future, the ‘new normal’ and I am confident that with ‘health and safety’ a priority, we will be able to deliver an even better service that ensures our landlords enjoy maximum returns.”

A Day in the Life: Nadine Mendoza, Senior Property Manager