Keeping you up to date with recent changes

4 October 2020
  • New Electrical Safety Regulations which require an electrical inspection and a report on the condition of the property have come into force.  For new tenancy agreements (since 1st June 2020) these apply from 1st July. These same regulations for existing tenancy agreements come into force on 1st April 2021
  • Residential properties are now eligible for fast-track planning process for projects including extensions up to two additional storeys

  • The UK rental sector has more than doubled since 2001 rising to a massive 5.4m with an additional 1.8m householders expected to become private renters by 2025. More than half 20-39-year olds are expected to be renting privately by 2025
  • Tenants in properties managed by Home Minders, are one a half times more likely to extend their tenancy after the first 12 months compared to average London occupancy rates which we have tracked over the past ten years.
Keeping you up to date with recent changes